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Protecting assets and the environment are paramount in the pipeline sector. PureChem’s technical team conducts assessments of the internal corrosion potential of an operator’s gathering systems, factoring in current production data, fluid composition, gas composition, pipeline lengths, diameters and conditions. This information is used to provide a ranking of the pipeline with respect to the potential threat of internal corrosion. The ranking is then used to determine internal corrosion potential rankings and recommend an appropriate corrosion mitigation strategy.

Our team of technical experts have the experience and the tools in our laboratories to determine the best product selection and what the best application strategy will be. Our product options are vast and include:

  • Corrosion Oil and Water Soluble Inhibitors – suitable for oil or gas pipelines

  • Solid Chemistry Corrosion Inhibitors

  • PureCorr™ – two part binary corrosion inhibitor

  • Drag Reducing Agents

  • Cleaning Products

Our experience spans pipeline commissioning, pipeline decommissioning and ongoing pipeline maintenance and failure mitigation.

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