Carlyle, Saskatchewan

Our PureChem facility is situated on 20 acres in Carlyle; this location has a production capacity of five million liters per month and continues to expand to support the ongoing growth in our business.

PureChem Services blends and supplies bulk acid to the industry, current production capacity sits at greater than one and a half million liters per month. HCL is stored in a fully contained tank farm with storage capabilities up to 200 m³ and a chemical resistant polyethylene lining.

Nisku, Alberta

PureChem has two blend plants in Nisku, Alberta. Our production chemical blend plant consists of a 20,000 square foot facility and a tank farm. This facility can produce the full suite of production chemicals for our customers with a current blend capacity of around one million liters per month.

PureChem Services has multiple ISO 9001:2015 certified production facilities.