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PureChem Services helps our customers navigate water source and reservoir complexities by customizing completion chemistries for your well. With one of Canada's largest portfolios of completion chemicals and leading-edge laboratory services, we can design a comprehensive frac package specifically tailored to your formation, water, and unique requirements. Whether you are dealing with 100% produced water, commingled sources, fresh water, or specific formation challenges, our team of highly skilled experts is equipped to develop solutions that enhance both efficiency and performance.

Completions Chemistries:

  • Acids

  • Biocides

  • Breakers

  • Buffers

  • Crosslinkers

  • Iron Scale Control

  • Scale Inhibitors

  • Slurries

  • Surfactants

Coiled Tubing Chemistries:

  • Clay Stabilizers

  • Foamers

  • Friction Reducers

  • Lubricants

  • Milling Chemicals

  • Viscosifiers

Our blending and laboratory facilities are strategically located to be close to your operations.


Engineered equipment built for reliability and flexibility:

  • Injection Skid - improves transfer rates

  • Frac Tank - with on-site heated agitated storage

  • Temperature Controlled Transportation - chemical reefers

  • Bulk Tanker Units - our own fleet ensures reliable transportation

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